Learn more about competative dance programs and competitions at L.A. Dance Design.

Dance Competitions with L.A. Dance Design

Our Competitive Team participates in 4 competitions every year, as well as many other local shows and events. 

Mini Competative Team

Members are required to take Jazz and Ballet, and one other competitive class.

Junior Competitive Team

Members are required to take Jazz, Ballet, Technique Class and one other competitive class.

Intermediate & Senior Team

Members are required to take Jazz, Ballet, Jumps & Turns/Conditioning, and Acro, Tap or Lyrical.

All students wishing to participate on our competitive team must
book an audition with our director or attend open auditions in August


Fundraising events will be scheduled but are not mandatory.


All team members are required to wear the L.A. Dance Design Jacket at all award ceremonies and events. Mini Team is required to wear their L.A. Dance Design T-Shirt.


Auditions for our competative teams are by appointment only, or by attending open team auditions at our Barrie location. Dates for open team auditions will be posted below when they are available.

To book an audition, please call or email Miss Lindsay:

705-716-1038 - [email protected]